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My name is Winston Raphael Joseph and I have been building fine quality guitars since 1996. My WR Joseph Custom Guitars are made of the finest quality tone woods (no veneer), which I have personally selected from Exotic Woods, Burlington, Ontario Canada and The Wood Shed, Smithville, Ontario, Canada. All are hand-carved, with great attention to detail in order to meet the individual needs and specifications of the most discriminating guitar players around. All my custom guitars feature custom tailored necks and are not "one size fits all" necks as are found on most factory produced models. Rather, each guitar neck is carefully shaped and finished to suit the playing style and preference of each individual client. All electronics and hardware installed on my custom guitars are as specified by the client and are of the finest quality. This is what Custom Guitar Building is all about.

Play a WR Joseph Custom Guitar and you will find it hard to resist!

Additionally, I also offer custom-built guitar bodies and necks as well as re-fretting and other repairs that improve the look, feel and overall playability of your existing guitar. Bring me your mediocre 'axe' and I will transform it into a great instrument. Please check out some of my models like the BRL Custom 001, the RDJ-2000 Custom and the Blue Magnet to give yourself an idea of what I can do. Give me a sketch or explain the concept you have in mind and I will design and build a full scale model for you.


"If you can dream it, I can build it"